Woodley is a town located in the Borough of Wokingham, located between Reading and Maidenhead. At the centre of the town is a shopping street which has been neglected over the years and was in need of updating and improving. 

The shopping street is divided into two distinct areas by a disabled car park in the centre of the space - to the south the area has mature trees, a recently installed children's play area, and is also the location of the weekly farmers market. In contrast, to the northern end, there is a poor quality pagoda which dominates the space along with poorly located street furniture and dated play equipment. At the farthest end, there is a public house with it's own carpark that feels somewhat alien within a shopping street. 

We were asked to unify the two sections of the shopping area and improve the layout of the northern end through some minor interventions and careful placement of street furniture. The pagoda would be removed and a multi-functional performance space would be located to the north which also serves to screen off the car park of the pub. 

A combination of robust, high quality paving and street furniture will lift the overall feel of the area, and combined with additional, low maintenance planting, the space becomes a area to relax and enjoy.