The Roald Dahl Museum and Storytelling Centre is located in Great Missenden, Bucks, a short walk from Gypsy House where Roald Dahl lived for much of his adult life. 

All of Dahl's writing was undertaken within the confines of a small brick hut at the bottom of the garden at Gypsy House. Since his death in 1990, this hut has been left exactly as he left it - pencil shavings on the floor, rubbish in the bin, pictures on the wall, a rickety electric heater hanging from the ceiling and tobacco stained polystyrene covering the walls. 

After such a long period of time, the hut was beginning to show signs of old age and a decision was made by the Dahl family to preserve the contents of the hut, rickety heater and polystyrene panels included, and relocate them to the nearby museum. 

undertaken as part of a wider refurbishment of the 'Going Solo' gallery at the museum, we were asked by Outside Studios, the exhibition designer, to join the teal and assist with the final design and construction of the project. 

The gallery was re-opened in January 2012.